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Helping to promote and diffuse Fantasy & Science Fiction since 2013

From the days the "Lensman" book series by E. E. "Doc" inspired Space War, the first video game ever to be developed, Fantasy & Science Fiction in literature has stimulated the imagination of thousands of creators in the entertainment industry.

That is why by supporting the work of independent video game creators in 2013, and now fiction creators, we hope to keep helping promote the genre in all its forms.

Non-profit Magazine

Free Bundle Magazine is ad-free. We re a non-profit Magazine. Find out more about what's coming by reading our roadmap.

If at some point in your life you have fallen in love from anything from the list below, help us promote the work of the independent creators our magazine covers to other members of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy community.

Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Amazon Games Deals, Solomon Kane, H.P Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos, Twilight Zone, Nintendo, Batman, Akira, Conan The Cimmerian, Harry Potter, Street Fighter DragonQuest, Europe Down, Embers of War, The Martian, Megaman Something Wicked This Way Comes The Halloween Tree, Pacific Rim, Moby Dick, Chakan The Forever Man Robert E. Howard, The Invisible Man Treasure Island, Ghosts and Goblins Lensman Starship Troopers From the earth to the moon John Carpenter Hayao Miyazaki Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Farenheit 451, Old Man's War, The Walking Dead, Star Wars Alphabet Squadron, Star Wars Galaxy Edge

Where are the free games?

We know you subscribed to Free Bundle because of our past selection of incredible free indie games, but as you can see, those are not around anymore. So, what changed?

Back in 2013, when this website was born, there was a very strong necessity from independent game developers to reach out to new audiences. Today the market has changed, most consoles already support a dedicated "indie games" category, making it easier for independent developers to easily find new audiences.

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