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Welcome to Free Bundle Magazine. In this index you will find the latest issues of our publication. Our artists work meticulously on each of our magazine illustrations to pay homage to the pulp fiction magazine covers from the golden era of publishing.

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Latest Issue

Issue 2, Vol 2 - Nov-Dec 2021

Previous Issues

March 2021

Issue 1, Vol 2 - March 2021

Of the Beholder
Steven Lombardi
A Taste of Hell
Javier Cabrera
Aladdin Zafar Syed
The Lost and Never Found Department
Thomas Koperwas
The Heart of Medusa
Nathan D. Coley
When Slackers Try
Steve Davis
Blurred Fury
Christopher Nokes
Fragile Kiyomi
Ife J. Ibitayo

December 2020

Issue 3, Vol 1 - Dec 2020

Notes of a Survivor
Benjamin Davis
Black Mass
Javier Cabrera
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
Prince of Ashes
Adam Ells
Sif's Folly
Julian Grant
The Plague-Daemon
H. P. Lovecraft
Lizard's Tail
Lucrezia Pei and Ornella Soncini

October 2020

Issue 2, Vol 1 - Oct 2020

Time Again
Judson Blake
Abraham Van Helsing--Eradicator
Javier Cabrera
The Skeleton's Scrapbook
John Mara
Kyle Tinga
DP Card
Eva Schultz
From The Dark
H. P. Lovecraft
Her Automaton
J. David Thayer

July 2020

Issue 1, Vol 1 - Jul 2020

Swap Meat
Jody Wenner (Writer)
Akawa's Secret
Bogi Beykov (Writer)
The Shoemaker And the Devil
Anton Chekhov (Author)
The Monkey's Paw
W. W. Jacobs (Contributing Writer)
Daggers and Heroes
Luke Kiernan (Contributing Writer)
Dogeron Kenan's comic debuts at The Free Bundle
Carlos Cabrera (Artwork)
The Rite
Javier Cabrera (Editor-in-chief)

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