Digital Cards From the Hetzel Edition of Jules Verne?

The books of world-renowned author Jules Verne are famous for having some of the most beautiful covers of all time. Collectors adore them. Now you will, too—find out why.

  • Our first Premium-themed Digital Card of the year is themed after Jules Verne.
  • Free Bundle Magazine will be publishing an entire mini-set of Hetzel themed Digital Cards.

As we promised in our post Roadmap for 2021, we are releasing Premium themed Digital Cards this quarter exclusively through our newsletter. This first one-card pack features the classic Hetzel cover from the author Jules Verne from the Hetzel Collection.

For those who do not know Hetzel’s story, he not only published Jules Verne but discovered the man and his work. His books are among the most beautiful pieces of artwork you will find in print format. Here’s a bit from Wikipedia about them:

Originally, there were three editions: one economical, without illustrations; another one in small format, with a few illustrations; and a third one in a bigger in-octavo format and richly illustrated. It is the last edition that is now very popular among book collectors

This first Premium-themed Digital Card is themed after one of Hetzel’s covers and includes one significant illustration from the book you cannot miss! Subscribe to our newsletter for this and more upcoming cards!