Here Is Our Roadmap for 2021

From our own brand of Digital Trading Cards to a rewards program, this is what we will be working on this year.

  • Premium themed Digital Trading Cards will be launched exclusively through our newsletter.
  • A rewards program will be launched in the second quarter of 2021.
  • More original podcast productions to be announced soon.

Starting this year, we are re-arranging our publishing schedule to include one issue every three months, plus our Halloween special. You can expect a new magazine issue to be published in March, June, September, October (Halloween Special), and December. We have created a new calendar at the top of our Magazine Issues page to make it easy for everyone to know when the next issue is coming.

Until the first issue of 2021 gets published next March, we will be launching new premium themed Digital Trading Cards. The announcement for each new batch of the cards, their themes, and concepts will be made in the next few days.

In the second quarter, we will be introducing our Rewards Program. Each time you read Free Bundle Magazine, you will automatically be rewarded with points. The more you read, the more points you will earn towards exclusive offers, discounts, and downloadable content.

After the success of Through The Gates of Madness, we are working on launching more original productions, which will be announced soon. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about what will be coming before anyone else.