The Verne Club, and Why Free Bundle Magazine Won’t Be on Time This Month

The Necronomicon was stolen from the Grand Lodge of the Society of Extraordinary Readers. Will you help them get the world's most dangerous grimoire back before it's too late?

  • We launched an alternate reality game revolving some of the most famous writers.
  • Follow the clues on a worldwide treasure hunt to solve the mystery and save mankind.

We are thrilled to announce the first tailor-made transmedia storytelling experience of publishing: The Verne Club. Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are interactive narrative experiences that engage players by layering a fictional world over the real world, and we just launched one.

From our latest newsletter:

First off, an apology: this month’s Free Bundle Magazine won’t launch on time. I will make my best effort to launch next week, but that might prove difficult with things as they are. You will understand why in a bit.

Last night, a member of The Society with whom I’ve been in touch (they call themselves Keepers) learned that someone had broken into the Grand Lodge over the weekend.

Many versions are circulating about what happened. One of the rumors says this unidentified person broke in and took possession of one of the most dangerous books in all existence: the Necronomicon.

Read on and go down the rabbit hole into a world of literature, dark magic, and mysteries only you will be able to unravel.

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