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8-bit Music Jukebox Challenge

How much do you know about video games history? Can you guess which famous 8-bit game this soundtrack belongs to?

This month we bring you something different, something special. Instead of our usual top 5 indie games, we want to play a little game with you.

Introducing The Free Bundle 8-Bit Jukebox Challenge, first edition. A game where you test your knowledge of video games history.

Can you guess (without using Google) which world famous video game this 8-bit soundtrack belongs to and in which consoles was it published?

Click to watch with sound on Youtube

Guessed yet? No? Well, if you do, there might be a little surprise for you. Write our mailroom and let us know your best guess. Winners will be announced in the next issue of The Free Bundle (issue #3), along with our top five indie games to play for the second quarter of 2019, so stay sharp, and stay tuned.